BeWell Coaching
BeWell Coaching provides tools and  support for self-care practices. Schedule Online

Imagine being free to maintain consistent self-care practices at any moment.

BeWell Coaching tools include homecare techniques that are inexpensive and easy to use when tension patterns arise. Support continues through reflective dialogue on the things that are important to you in your self-care practices.

  • Explore what you’re wanting for yourself from self-care practices

  • Look to your intrinsic knowing to find the forward momentum that’s important to you 

  • Expand your best thinking in making the choices that are right to you

  • Provide resource rich content  to support your self-care choices leading to lasting wellbeing 

  • Happen where ever you are over the phone
The BeWell Coaching is highly productive and fits easily into your life. Phone sessions last 15 - 20 minutes with effects lasting long after the conversation.
Mini coaching sessions can be combined with any session for added benefit of reducing tension.
Session Rates
First Session:                     $55
(3) 15 Minute Sessions:       $100
12 week Series:                  $397

Payments Accepted
Cash or Check

Wellness is worth the effort!

95 Fort Hill Terrace
Rochester, NY 14620
(585) 406-0127
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