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Self-Care Products

For Clinical Massage Therapy Services
Contact Valerie Rice 585 . 734 . 4981

If you seek relief from pain, injuries,
or stress related symptoms, here's a solution.

Our treatments focus on restoring balance
in the mind-body system and support
your self-care practices so you can Be Well!

Receive regular announcements
                       on Self-care tips, Promotions,
                      and Special Events/Classes

You Receive:
  • Integrative health care providers
  • Specialized mind-body therapies 
  • High-quality care for the whole person

Services include:
  • Meditation
  • BeWell Coaching
  • Wellness Training

Providers are:
  • New York State licensed
  • Nationally Certified
  • Members of Professional Organizations
  • Committed to compassionate care

Wellness is worth the effort!

95 Fort Hill Terrace
Rochester, NY 14620
(585) 406-0127
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